Earthquakes In Palm Springs

9 Important Tips To Prepare For An Earthquake

Do you have an emergency plan for a major disaster such as an earthquake?   Here are 9 important tips for to prepare for an earthquake, including some from the New York Times:




Have a supply of bottled water to last a week for your family and also for your pets.




Keep a supply of non-perishable food that does not require refrigeration or cooking.


Gas For Your Car


Never let your car’s gas tank go below a half tank.  You never know where you may have to drive to and gas may not be available if there is no power to pump the gas.  You can also charge your cell phone in your car too.




Be sure to have some cash on hand in small bills since banks could be closed and ATM’s and credit card machines may not be working.


First-Aid and Prescriptions

Earthquake First Aid Pharmacy

Have a first-aid kit in your home and don’t wait until the last minute to refill any necessary prescriptions.


Your Home's Utilities

Earthquake Kit Utilities

Know how to turn off the gas valve for your house, including having the necessary tools.   Make sure that electronics and appliances are surge protected in the event the power goes out so there is no damage when the power is turned back on.


Flashlight and Batteries

Earthquake Kit Solar Flashlight

Have more than one flashlight with extra batteries.  Also have some rechargeable batteries to charge your cell phone too.


Emergency Radio


There may be no TV or internet to get news so consider an emergency radio to get updates.


Emergency Earthquake Kit

Earthquake Emergency Kit

Considering ordering an earthquake emergency kit too!  Alta Magazine reviews several earthquake kits and the New York Times has a list of the 7 most important supplies for an earthquake starter kit!   The Los Angeles Times has a great article about preparing for earthquakes too.

Learn More

Learn more at Ready.gov and Earthquake Country Alliance to plan ahead for earthquakes.